lets play a game its called “is that characters hair blue or stylistic black”

let’s continue with a brilliant sequel “if some characters have blue hair and some have purple hair which of them is stylistic black and which is just that color”

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seriously, about that “not a dystopia” thing
I have just listened to “Summer Reading Program” and it seems to be one giant piece of evidence in favor of my theory
it starts with seemingly standard dystopian “books are banned literacy is outlawed knowledge is dangerous ignorance is your friend” stuff
then there are more and more indications and reminders that the program is actually actively dangerous to children, and all the bans on lifelong love of learning are comparatively reasonable to, y’know, prevent kids from being abducted
and Cecil jokes that the parents of the next missing intern should be glad he at least visited the library once in his life, the joke apparently based on societal presumption that visiting libraries, knowledge and education are all good things
and then the kids who did get abducted emerge victorious (but obviously seriuosly traumatized)
and Cecil, who had previously been announcing all those bans and precautions, calls it “a victory for literacy”
which is to say, Night Vale does care about education and knowledge
it just values the lives of their children more, and will ban books if it means they don’t kill their readers
the dystopian “ignorance is bliss” vibe? completely absent at the end when the immediate danger is over
so, you know
not a dystopia

I just want to note before I forget again that the setting Night Vale reminds me of most is Equestria/Ponyville
just generally MLPverse
if you are confused about why, let me remind you that
- in Equestria, seasons have to be changed manually by the effort of ponies;
- same for the weather;
- wild animals also require manual care;
- there is a small town with free range kids right next to the forest with creatures like Timber Wolves and the chimera, aggressive and dangerous and not scared of ponies, and there’s nothing preventing said kids from wandering in there apart from the adults’ warnings;
- changelings exist;
- Discord exists, is now free, and used to rule this world some time ago;
- the ponies have an immortal never changing ruler who might or might not be an actual deity but is not widely known as one (judging by Twilight’s ignorance in the pilot);
- creating your doubles is a thing, and so is a spell that destroys them and might accidentally destroy the real you if the magic-user who performs it can’t tell who the real you are;
- ponies apparently see nothing wrong with stuff like turning songbirds into fruit;
- there are cows eating hamburgers in canon
…do I really need to continue the list after that last one?
Equestriaverse is no less terrifying and unpredictable than Nightvaleverse, well okay maybe a bit less… but mostly it’s just that ponies have magic and are much better adapted to their reality (while humans in Nightvaleverse apparently mostly do their best to cling to ignorance and denial), and as a kid show, MLP:FIM is much better at ignoring the horrifying stuff and covering it up.
(mostly ignoring)

I guess one reason Night Vale is so endearing to me is that the City Council and Secret Police seem to be much more bark than bite.
I mean by the standards of dystopias, Cecil should have been quietly murdered roughly once or twice per episode based on stuff he says, and yet he’s still alive and barely issued a couple warnings, most of them being by Station Management, which he seems to be afraid of much more than the actual dystopian rulers.
And if the Secret Police truly apprehended and detained as many people as Cecil seems to imply they threaten to, the city would really be empty by now.
And there is at least one example (I’m on the episode after the Faceless Old Woman) of Vague Yet Menacing Government Agency surrounding and infiltrating someone’s home, threatening deadly force, and then retreating without actually doing any harm.

Overall it seems that a lot more people die of supernatural proceedings than of government harshness.
Which actually enables an interesting theory that the City Council and Secret Police and VYMGA actually do their best to protect people. That their seemingly insane members like the Mayor are actually much more in tune with the upside-down reality of NightValeverse, and the constant surveillance actually is to keep the eye on the community for its safety, and the ban on writing utensils has serious basis (I can come up with a dozen possible reasons for why it would be a good idea). That the monitored, strictly regulated and dangerous life of citizens of Night Vale would be much more dangerous if not monitored and strictly regulated. That the non-human entities like Hooded Figures, City Council and Station management actually enable humans to live life that at least pretend-resembles normal human life, and all double-think being promoted is just encouragement of natural mental defences against the impossiblity of what’s really going on.

…I just really like this theory, OK? I’ve had my share of actual dystopias lately, I want Night Vale to be kinder. Really much. Especially when we have Desert Bluffs to juxtapose it against. Mmmhmm.
Of course, I’ve been vaguely half-spoiled on enough stuff to know there will be more plot-central interaction with Desert Bluffs, so all of this is based on VERY incomplete information. However, I did figure out that Desert Bluffs was a much worse place than Night Vale in Sandstorm before Cecil’s narration started, so it’s possible I am in tune with this show in some way that enables my speculation to be at least plausible.

The trucks, which no one in town knew about until this announcement, are filled with crates that are warm to the touch. Some of them tick, others do not.
oh my god this is from the “story about you”
Cecil was probably not supposed to talk about them, was he

Does Cecil have a canon age? Because so far I’m headcanonning him as, like, 19. At most. 16 would seem a better fit but it wouldn’t probably be legal? Especially given the mortality rate of interns at the station?
Anyway, I headcanon him as, like, REALLY young. For so many reasons. One being his constant tangents into his ~personal life~ that are really super annoying but also kinda adorable in an “aw kiddo” way. I mean I’m not that much older than him but it’s not like I’m denying that my own blog can probably evoke the same feelings in other people, both older and maybe even younger than me.

Hah. I just saw my Native American headcanon logic on tvtropes under Fridge Brilliance for fanon.
Maybe it wasn’t the best idea, and maybe if you pay attention you eventually discover that Cecil says some pretty racist stuff (“became a real Native American”), but the logic seems sound not just to me.

I wanna be a little kid and just shout “gross!” at Cecil narrating his date with Carlos instead of, you know, NEWS OF THE COMMUNITY, which is coincidentally what I want to hear and not how Carlos actually apparently DOES like him

though it is adorable how Cecil was making all sorts of allusions to how the actual meaning of anything Carlos told him kept taking a back seat to his ~feels~ about him and how he apparently asked him on a date in the middle of a scientific explanation
and then just got genuinely surprised when Carlos asked him to come just to see him and not for some science business

(drama queen drama queen drama queen)



Dear guys who called me out for headcanoning Cecil as not just an asshole, but a Native American asshole,
you are probably right and I am probably wrong.

I don’t really understand what exactly does Cecil mean by Apache Tracker “becoming a real Native American” if it still involves him wearing that cartoonishly racist headdress… like, what exactly does he mean by “real Native American” in that case?

He is probably a white asshole.

I’m assuming he meant going from white to a native skin tone but yeah I have no idea

I’m also assuming this, and um
calling this him becoming a “real Native American” is
racist as fuck?

the entire concept of race is racist as fuck
of race as a meaningful difference based on physical features
as opposed to, you know, culture. That can get appropriated and stuff.


oh for fuck’s sake, Cecil’s imitation of Russian words is more annoying than ever
how do you do this not on purpose? I mean seriously, Google Translate could pronounce the phrase they wanted and they could use it for reference and it would be MUCH BETTER

He is bleeding profusely and it is getting all over his fake feather headdress, and he says that even his ancient Indian magics will not help him — which of course they won’t, because they’re not real.
all right, all right, Cecil’s an asshole and a drama queen, but I still love him

maybe I shouldn’t go into the wtnv tag before I finish catching up
just an idea here
vague half-spoilers are getting annoying

I really can’t take emotion in Cecil’s voice seriously anymore
at all
he goes from being absolutely unflappable about events like the death of half the population of the city
to being a huge drama queen over things he apparently presumes are true without even bothering to check

the more emotional his voice gets, the more I get the urge to giggle
I’m sorry, all the Cecil’s voice lovers out there
I just really can’t take him seriously

It’s really pissing me off how much time passes between me writing the post and me managing to actually, you know, post it. When I was liveblogging Slayers, I remember it happening too… This time I found online text recognition service to help me transform my screenshots of frozen screen back into text that only needs a little edition and not complete retyping.
This still pisses me off.

watching on

1) Cecil actually is partially omniscient and can witness some events first-hand while not being able to interfere;
2) Cecil is an overly imaginative drama queen.
My guess?
Both, obviously.